Epic Laser Dentistry Grand Rapids Mi Dentist

Epic Laser Dentistry™

At KB Family Dentistry, our Grand Rapids dentist uses a Biolase Epic laser for a variety of restorative, cosmetic, and surgical procedures. Compared to traditional methods that involve a dental scalpel, Epic Laser Dentistry™ allows for faster healing, less postoperative discomfort, and an overall gentler patient experience.

Dr. Burggraaf confidently stands by this advanced form of dental technology and utilizes Epic dental lasers for children, teens, and adults.

What Is Epic Laser Dentistry and How Does It Work?

Epic Laser Dentistry combines focused light and thermal energy for a highly precise tool perfect for a wide range of dental procedures. No stitches are necessary afterwards from Dr. Burggraaf or her staff and there’s less chance of an oral infection forming thanks to the laser sterilizing the area of contact.

The strong and focused light emitted from lasers such as those used in our Grand Rapids dental office effectively vaporize any tissue that is touched unlike other dental instruments. Though it may sound intimidating, this precision translates into a more pleasant appointment and recovery.

Benefits of Dental Lasers

Unlike more conventional treatments used in the past, Epic laser treatments offer a few unique advantages that make the technology appealing. Say hello to less bleeding, accelerated healing, better results, and greater comfort in the dental chair.

Other key benefits to using a Biolase Epic laser include:

  • Less or no anesthetic for most procedures i.e., a nearly pain-free experience
  • Minimized swelling during or after treatment
  • More completed in one single visit thanks to precision of laser
  • Better management of soft tissue (gums) conditions

Procedures That Can Use Epic Dental Lasers

Dr. Burggraaf can use Epic Laser Dentistry to treat your gums or other soft tissue inside your mouth but it doesn’t stop there. Aside from being integrated into your treatment plan for gum disease, Epic lasers can also improve your smile with teeth whitening. Patients can see noticeably whiter results in just 20 minutes and the procedure is safe, effective, and fast.

Epic Dentistry can also help to:

  • Remove oral lesions like canker sores and cold sores on your lips, tongue, inner cheek, or gums
  • Relieve pain by temporarily increasing your blood circulation and relaxing your muscles within 5 to 10 minutes of treatment
  • Serve as an alternative to traditional oral surgery with no stitches or scalpel needed

Make An Appointment With Dr. Burggraaf

If you’re curious to know more about Epic Laser Dentistry, our dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, would be more than happy to discuss the technology and its many uses with you. We’re proud to offer the dental laser option in our office as it allows us to provide patients with the most comfortable experience possible. Request an appointment today by calling KB Family Dentistry at (616) 241-2659.